Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add my podcast?

If your podcast is missing from the directory, go to and enter the URL of your podcast feed.

How can I add a logo / description / etc?

All information of a podcast is retrieved from the podcast feed. To add some information on, add it to the podcast feed and it will be shown on after the next update.

How often is my podcast updated?

This depends on how often your podcast publishes new episodes. Basically we use the average time between episodes as the update interval.

How can I ensure my podcast is up-to-date?

There are several ways

  • Use Pubsubhubbub. Your hub will then trigger the podcast update whenever a new episode is released.
  • Request a Publisher account. You can then trigger an update of your podcast on manually.
  • Donate. If we have more resources available for updating podcast feeds, all podcasts will be updated quicker.