The following configuration parameters can be set through environment variables.


  • ADMINS - corresponds to Django’s ADMINS setting. Specified as Name <>. Multiple entries can be separated by whitespace.
  • DEBUG - Debug flag, see Django’s DEBUG setting
  • DEFAULT_BASE_URL - base URL for creating URLs, eg
  • GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_PROPERTY_ID - Google Analytics Property ID
  • MAINTENANCE - Maintenance flag
  • SECRET_KEY - see Django’s SECRET_KEY setting
  • STAFF_TOKEN - token which can be appended to URLs to access staff-only pages
  • SUPPORT_URL - URL where users can get support


  • ADSENSE_CLIENT - Google AdSense Client ID
  • ADSENSE_SLOT_BOTTOM- Ad for the ad slot on the bottom of the page
  • PODCAST_AD_ID - Database Id of the podcast which is currently advertising

Celery Task Queue


The following settings correspond to Django’s CACHE setting.

  • CACHE_BACKEND - Django cache backend
  • CACHE_LOCATION - Location of the cache




  • DIRECTORY_EXCLUDED_TAGS - space-separated list of tags that should be excluded from the podcast directory
  • SEARCH_CUTOFF - minimum search rank (between 0 and 1, default 0.3) below which results are excluded. See Django’s documentation on Weighting queries


  • FLICKR_API_KEY - Flickr API key
  • SOUNDCLOUD_CONSUMER_KEY - Soundcloud Consumer key


  • SERVER_EMAIL - email address from which error mails are sent, see Django’s SERVER_EMAIL setting
  • LOGGING_CELERY_HANDLERS - space separated list of logging handlers for Celery log events
  • LOGGING_DJANGO_HANDLERS - space separated list of logging handlers for Django log events
  • LOGGING_MYGPO_HANDLERS - space separated list of logging handlers for mygpo log events
  • LOGGING_FILENAME - filename for filesystem logs
  • OPBEAT_APP_ID - Opbeat App ID
  • OPBEAT_ORGANIZATION_ID - Opbeat Organization ID
  • OPBEAT_SECRET_TOKEN - Opbeat Secret Token

Social Login

  • GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID - Google Client ID
  • GOOGLE_CLIENT_SECRET - Google Client Secret


  • MAX_EPISODE_ACTIONS - maximum number of episode actions that the API will return in one GET request.