Suggestions API

Retrieve Suggested Podcasts

GET /suggestions/(int: number).(format)
  • Requires HTTP authentication
  • Since 1.0

Example request:

GET /suggestions/10.opml

Example response:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

   "website": "",
   "mygpo_link": "",
   "description": "Linux Geekdom",
   "subscribers": 0,
   "title": "Linux Geekdom",
   "author": " (A.J. Stringham)",
   "url": "",
   "logo_url": null
   "website": "",
   "mygpo_link": "",
   "description": "Going Linux",
   "subscribers": 571,
   "title": "Going Linux",
   "author": "Larry Bushey",
   "url": "",
   "logo_url": ""
  • number – the maximum number of podcasts to return
  • format – see Formats
Query Parameters:
  • jsonp – function name for the JSONP format (since 2.8)

Download a list of podcasts that the user has not yet subscribed to (by checking all server-side subscription lists) and that might be interesting to the user based on existing subscriptions (again on all server-side subscription lists).

The TXT format is a simple URL list (one URL per line), and the OPML file is a “standard” OPML feed. The JSON format looks as follows:

The server does not specify the “relevance” for the podcast suggestion, and the client application SHOULD filter out any podcasts that are already added to the client application but that the server does not know about yet (although this is just a suggestion for a good client-side UX).